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Giocare Cloth Pads

Giocare is a feminine hygiene product that has a registered trademark. It is designed by Mr.S.Damodaran, Founder and CEO, Gramalaya. It’s being manufactured and marketed by GREAT PVT Ltd.

Giocare reusable cloth pads is an Initiative of Gramalaya Sanitation NGO, a 34-year-old NGO, Approved by the Ministry of Jal Shakti, Government of India, as a key resource centre. Gramalaya has worked with adolescent girls in the Government schools of Tamil Nadu and Puducherry with the grant support of Corporates under CSR Initiatives for menstrual hygiene management and girls-friendly toilets promotion in schools. 

MHM india Summit 2023

MHM India Summit 2023

Though the world is slowly moving towards removing the social stigma surrounding menstruation, the word ‘period’ still remains a taboo in most societies. In most countries, girls still avoid going to school when they are on their period. In India, 23 million girls drop out of school early annually when they start menstruating and many of them end up facing acute health problems.

Women in rural areas or in poverty-ridden nations still use paper and other harmful materials such as dried leaves, ash and plastic as a substitute for sanitary pads. Globally, more than half of women are currently of reproductive age—and menstruation is a monthly reality. Yet all around the world, many women lack access to menstrual hygiene products or sanitation facilities, either due to limited availability or excessive cost.

Gramway GREAT

Gramway GREAT

“GREAT ideas will come from the SMART people”

GREAT is aimed at creating an enabling environment for promoting sustainable income generation activities among the poor and marginalized communities by a combination of training, financial support and other marketing related services.

Clean Wala

CleanWala is aimed at making every household in the city clean and neat without any waste materials dumped in their households creating an unpleasant environment to the housing atmosphere.

Through CleanWala the scraps and damaged housing utensils, equipments, furnitures and fixtures and other damaged electronic equipments could be disposed and recycled in an eco-friendly manner.