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India`s First ODF Slum

 India`s First ODF Slum

Gramalaya`s work is focused on implementation and filling critical knowledge gaps in the sector, up scaling community based pro poor approaches through our program and advocacy work. The 2001 census of India put urban sanitation coverage at 61 percent of the population having access to individual or public toilets. Low coverage of urban sanitation is due to the inability of planned urban development to provide for sanitation access to the urban poor. Gramalaya started its urban intervention in the 186 slums of Tiruchirappalli City Corporation as the operational area aiming at declaring open defecation free zone. The involvement of community based organizations in the project coupled with City Corporation support in providing Integrated Sanitatary complexes (ISPs), offering vacant sites for constructing community toilets with WaterAid, UK funding enabled the project a successfully demonstrated model.

  • Date : 19-11-2022
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