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 World Toilet College

Project Approach

The persistence of manual scavenging as an invisible but omnipresent socio-economic reality in India is a blot on the country’s development trajectory. There are legal prohibitions in place, but the law enforcement of the 2013 Employment of Manual Scavengers and Construction of Dry Latrines (Prohibition) Act has led to gross misrepresentations in data and maintenance of formal records of the people employed as manual scavengers. Its underlying interlinkages and complexities have led to an urgent need to address the issue of rehabilitation of the sanitation workers. The Harpic World Toilet College was conceptualised for this purpose, to improve the livelihoods, health and safety for 7,700 sanitation workers over the period of 3 years (2018- 2021).

The World Toilet College was conceptualized to uplift the quality of work of sanitation workers, removed from the inhumane hazards of manual scavenging and provide them with dignified livelihoods.

Project Vision

To eliminate the inhuman practice of manual scavenging and improve status of Sanitation Workers by giving dignified living through Harpic World Toilet College.


> Providing dignified livelihood and access to basic rights to Sanitation Workers and improved  self-worth through

> Entrepreneurship promotion in the sanitation value chain through capacity enhancement and market linkages.

> Employment-linked vocational training using ICT and inter-person tools, ranging from technical training to soft skills to career counseling and partnership development

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