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Our Thematic Approach

Our Thematic Approach

Posted On : 21-11-2022 - By admin

Gramalaya’s approach to water, sanitation and community development

This approach document was prepared for the better understanding of governing body members, staff working under different projects of Gramalaya and the donors so as to get more clarity on the project concepts and implementation. It was prepared based on the 20 years experiences of Gramalaya in the field of water sector and feedback from experts, consultants, donors and other stakeholders. The staff to be recruited for the water and sanitation projects would be given orientation on the approaches to different project components including transparency, accountability, exit strategy and sustainability aspects. The inputs from the community based organizations were the major contributing factors for this document.

Further, Gramalaya prepared this approach document based on the lessons learned, evaluation findings came out and intervention strategies followed. The innovative approaches and creative ideas emerged as a part of community participation were also taken into consideration while preparing the document. Feedback from the communities through the participatory site visits (community monitoring system) in the project villages were also considered in the preparation of this document. As Gramalaya highly value the criticism, suggestion, recommendation of the donors, visitors, expertise in the water sector, this document narrates its approaches with the views and inputs from them. As a result of the above process and Gramalaya being a learning organization, the approach document came out for the present and future project interventions, project formulation, planning, implementation and monitoring.

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