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India`s First 100% Cloth Pads Using Villages

India`s First 100% Cloth Pads Using Villages

Announcement of Role model villages (100% ODF and 100% cloth pad usage)

Malayadipatti, Sengalur and ATK nagar villages had been covered by Gramalaya where, 425 household toilets constructed to the families with SMART model (bathroom attached toilets with twin leach pit) and declared on 14th February 2019 as 100% open defecation free zone and 100 % cloth-pads using village with the support of Gramalaya under the CSR Initiatives of HT Parekh Foundation..

A stone inscription was declared open by the Mr.S. Ganesh, IAS, District Collector of Pudukkottai District, Mr. M. Santhoshkumar, PD, DRDA and Mrs. S.Sarojadevi, PD, TNCDW declaring the ODF status. All the women and adolescent girls are using reusable cloth pads as a part of menstrual hygiene practices thus resulted in the first rural village in India where 100% of the menstruating women and adolescent girls using cloth pads. As a result of the hygiene education and toilets provision, the use of cloth pads by women in the village reduce the garbage on the streets by throwing 2000 – 3000 used commercial sanitary napkins every month by these women..

  • Date : 19-11-2022
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