About Gramalaya

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for all

Vision & Mission


Gramalaya envisions a society in which all people will have equal rights and access to protected water, sanitation, health and improved income status without gender discrimination.


Gramalaya is an NGO dedicated to promote water, sanitation, hygiene and overall improvement of the rural, urban, coastal and tribal population in India whereby the empowerment of marginalized communities especially the women and children is ensured.

Core values

Emancipation through Entrustment, Entitlement and Empowerment.

Gramalaya ensures that all its projects reflect the above core values that encourage people to be emancipated from the cycle of poverty and deprivation through participation. Thus, communities are entrusted to work on the project and entitled by being part of its implementation process and its continued success through which empowerment of the people ensured.

Guiding principles

• Encouraging innovativeness and creativity
• Enabling a learning environment
• Evolving exit strategy and sustainability
• Encouraging community ownership
• Ensuring Accountability and Transparency
• Enhancing people’s co-operation and participation

Posted Date : 09 Mar 2016