What others say about Gramalaya?
The PATH project itself has provided an excellent opportunity for technical growth. Gramalaya is now considered and recognized as one of the model NGOs for HIV/AIDS prevention, not only in Tiruchi but also throughout and beyond Tamil Nadu.

Gramalaya continues to have a good team of capable, confident and well-motivated staff. Motivation levels of staff continue to remain high. Possible reasons for this are the team-work and the appreciation and recognition of each ones contribution to the project and achievement of project goals.

The secret of sustaining motivation of staff of Gramalaya must be explored and shared with the other PATH NGOs.
by Dr.Reynold Washington, Dr.R.M.Christopher, Dr.Srikrishna, Dept. of Community Health, St.John's Medical College, Bangalore
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"I am inspired by what your community has accomplished and especially by the role played by the women. I am sure you will be able to meet future challenges as a group" - by Susan Davis, Water Partners International, USA.

"Your efforts have resulted in your first major achievement of accessible sanitation facilities. The result is truely remarkable and shows off a perfect example of community participation through your self-help groups. Thank you for this rare insight of such success from a community" - by Mr.John Denner, Pedal Aid, Brighton, U.K.

"Thank you very much for giving me an opportunity to visit your colony and see for myself how much you have achieved through your own efforts. This is an example to other groups. It is good to see this spirit of self-help and your vision of a better future." - Ravi Narayanan, WaterAid, U.K.

"Well done on all of your fantastic achievements. You are a model for other villages in India. Now I can spread the word about the good work you are doing." - Patrice Palmer, Three Valleys Water, England
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