Smart Toilet

a new concept from Gramalaya

SMART Toilets are our latest concept

SMART Toilets means

- Safe and Sustainable

- Maintainable

- Affordable

- Recyclable (waste)

- Technically perfect

About Smart Toilet

SMART Toilet is our slogan. Accessible, Acceptable and Appropriate toilet designs.


What are the salient features of a SMART Toilets

The sanitation facility should enable the family members to use the latrine for all hygiene promotion activities especially personal hygiene.

It should be used as a toilet

It could be used as a bathroom

Hand washing facilities.

Keeping all hygiene kit inside the toilet.

Water storage points for cleaning purpose.

Proper ventilation

Facility for sanitary napkin disposal

User friendly toilet facility

Provisions for lighting

Provided with roof facilities to protect from sun and rain

Twin pit toilets for sustainable use and maintenance

Waste should be recycled

Why the toilets constructed in the past are not sustainable?

So far the toilets constructed were Low-cost toilets

Toilets with temporary superstructures are not liked by the People.

The toilets constructed with temporary superstructures required every year renovation.

Small size ( 3'x 3') toilets were constructed without adequate space and ventilation.

Incomplete, substandard, without proper specifications, the toilets were constructed by the contractors or inexperienced people.

At one point of time, the people abandoned the toilets.

Low cost toilets are constructed with single pits. When the single leach pit is filled, people are not taking care of emptying the pit.

Alliance and Networking for promoting sanitation for all invited

  • Gramalaya invites Government Departments, donors, Companies, Bankers and financial institutions, individuals for providing water and sanitation facilities through donations, grants, loans and CSR funds

  • Gramalaya will work directly as an implementing organization and as a resource NGO in providing training and capacity building for other interested organizations by networking approach in terms of technical, professional and financial aspects.

  • Coordinate all logistics leading up to and during deployment

  • Gramalaya will give consultancy services for school health interventions to the NGOs/Companies and interested organizations.

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