Activites of Gramalaya

AWASH - Association for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

AWASH - Association for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

AWASH - Association for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene are formed in each community which would work for the slum improvement/ village improvement. The association is operated with the Animator who are the Peer Educators identified by Gramalaya. There are more than 512 Animators are trained in water and sanitation and working as volunteers in promoting water and sanitation in their respective areas. The members in the AWASH comprising of representatives from Youth groups, Women self-Help Groups, SHE - Teams with the elected representative Councilor/Panchayat President as the Advisor for the AWASH. The roles and responsibilities for AWASH fixed and monitored by the WAVE Federation. WAVE Federation would take in-charge of motivating the local communities to form the AWASH in every locality wherever appropriate.

Capacity building through exposure visit, training and frequent meetings enabled the AWASH members to work for sustainable water and sanitation promotion in the project area which would ultimately ensure community take-over of the project. This new concept ensured gender equality where men and women equally took the responsibility of monitoring and sustainability when Gramalaya withdraw from the project area as a part of exit strategy. The leaders of the AWASH are working as the community change agents in the operational areas of Gramalaya.

AWASH activities would include :

- To work as a liaison group between the NGO, local government and the City Corporation
- To work as a watch dog in the community ensuring environmental sanitation in the area
- To work as a monitor for the SHE - Teams and its maintenance works with regard to community managed pay and use toilets.
- To work as grievance redress cell at the local-level for ensuring water supply and sanitation facilities in the region
- To work for solid waste disposal and management in the area
- To work for IEC input with regard to water, sanitation, hygiene and environmental sanitation including solid waste management system.
- An information board will be erected with hygiene messages and water situation in the community
- To work as a mediator in bringing MFIs, NGOs/ local government schemes and City Corporation activities for increasing the coverage with regard to household water connections and toilets.

Posted Date : 09 Mar 2016