About Gramalaya
"Gramalaya" was established in 1987 with a group of committed youths in the field of rural development. Gramalaya has got its legal entity by registering under the Indian Trust Act of 1882 with a registration No. 72/87 dated 11.06.87.

The ultimate goal of Gramalaya is to work for the amelioration of socially downtrodden people under the integrated rural development approach. Since, 1987, Gramalaya has been operating in Thottiam and Thathaiengarpet Block of Tiruchirappalli District with various development programmes.

During the year 1996, Gramalaya has extended its area of operation in the selected slums of Tiruchirappalli Corporation for STD / HIV / AIDS Prevention activities with Urban slums Health and Sanitation improvement programme and micro-credit activities from 1998 onwards.

Health and hygiene education, promotion of Self-help groups among rural and urban women, construction of low-cost house and latrines are the prime activities of Gramalaya.